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In an attempt to put words in President Barrack Obama’s mouth, prominent news sources seemingly added a few words to a quote that was mis-quoted in multiple news media sources.

Fair.org (Fairness and Accuracy in Reporting) reported on a mistake found by a few conservative leaning media outlets.

While only adding a few words to the actual quote, the meaning behind President Obama’s words completely changed. A simple statement turned into a sharp tongued stab at Mitt Romeny – certainly not intended, or at least not as strongly intended.

Although small, these statements cause huge uproar and a big stir within the political coverage by the media.

Ethically, the media needs to be more aware of these quotes and more firmly source the actual quote instead of relying upon other media outlets. The falsity in the quote sparked a firm rebuttal from the Romney campaign – which may say something about the Romeny campaign as a whole, but that’s neither here nor there.

This slight in change of a quote is an incident that needs to be further examined. Such quotes can completely change and shape un-informed and partial viewers of the news that might see this reporting inaccurately. As the fourth estate, the media needs to remain objective in reporting simple quotes, not skewing them to spark arise in a heated election year.



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